Transform the fight to end abortion.

Contributing of a household income only requires a monthly donation of 50

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One donation benefiting every pro-life nonprofit you support. That’s efficient.

600,000 people at 1%. That’s it.

We’ve been focused on defunding abortion. Let’s just outfund it.

Donating to pro-life is difficult and discouraging. There are so many organizations competing for my ten dollars. Which ones should I support? We realized that’s a secondary question: first, commit to supporting pro-life in a big way. Then decide which specific organizations you like best.

We’re calling on less than 1% of American households to commit 1% of their income to ending abortion.

Achieving this goal will increase the total money donated to the pro-life cause six times.

That changes everything.

FY2017 Donations to Planned Parenthood Fed. of America 399.7

2016 Donations to Top 20 National Pro-Life Non-Profits 71.7

What happens if we add 1% of the household income of 600,000 average homes?

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$50/month tips it all over

We’ve wanted to donate to pro-life, but we got stuck on deciding which organizations to support. This is a pro-life donation portal designed by donors, for donors, intended to solve that problem. It used to be hard to donate.

Now it’s easy.

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