Distributions in the Mail!

This has just been a delightful week at the Tipping Point. On Monday and Tuesday, the tireless Fr. Rick Heilman wrote & promoted a blog post about this project that has thus far inspired 23 new donors to commit a total of $850 per month, or $10,200 per year, in pro-life giving via Tipping Point. That’s the (early) result of ONE blog post and ONE email send to a list of 50,000 subscribers. If you’re not familiar with online fundraising standards, take my word for it: that’s an OUTSTANDING result. It speaks strongly to the felt need for this website that exists in the marketplace of pro-lifers, and the inspiring vision we’re all a part of.

The money people give talks loudly, but in addition, here are some comments from readers in response to Fr. Heilman’s blog post:

  • “I love what you guys are doing!”
  • “This meets a real need for those of us who are committed to Pro-Life but find it challenging to spread our help to all the worthy Pro-Life causes. I’m copying all my family and friends on this e-mail.”
  • “We made $30,000 last year. We struggle. We hope to give you $10 per month. We are sorry it can’t be more.”
  • “A great idea! Please let me know where I should address a check for $500.”

Then today, I had the distinct pleasure of being able to write, sign, and mail checks totaling $1,042.74 to a total of 12 different recipients.

This is the first distribution Tipping Point has ever made. I’ve been dreaming about this day for months. It represents the beginning of really achieving impact through this project. It is, in one sense, negligible: we’re sending $50 and $100 checks to organizations with 7-figure annual budgets.

In another sense, it is a proof, a promise, a glimpse of light at the end of the black tunnel that is America’s epidemic of legal, culturally accepted abortion and the shameful, and ashamed, silence of those who Know.

This $1,042.74 in disbursements represents a total of 15 gifts from 13 different donors, for donations made in November and December. If that sounds like nothing…consider that as I’m writing this on December 19, we’re already up to 40 active donors with monthly commitments totaling $1,883. As awareness spreads, this project will just keep growing; exponentially, not arithmetically. And there’s no downside to that: there’s scarcely any marginal cost of maintaining the website and distributing funds. It’s infinitely scalable. We can keep 100 donors happy and inspired, or 1,000, or 10,000, or 100,000, just as easily as we keep our first ten happy.


Here’s the complete list of recipients & amounts from December’s distribution:

  1. Pro-Life Wisconsin Education Task Force:    $300
  2. Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund:       $100
  3. Women’s Care Center, Madison:                       $136.26
  4. Women’s Care Center, Milwaukee:                   $100
  5. Priests for Life:                                                      $50
  6. Human Coalition:                                                 $56.14
  7. Students for Life of America:                             $50
  8. Thomas More Society:                                         $56.14
  9. American Life League:                                         $50
  10. Live Action:                                                            $50
  11. Human Life International:                                 $50
  12. 40 Days for Life:                                                   $44.20

Those of you who’ve recently reviewed our list of eligible recipients may be surprised to see the local & state-level Wisconsin charities on this list. The explanation is that our donors are given the option of manually allocating their gift among our listed eligible recipients, or of answering questions about their values and preferences and allowing Tipping Point’s board to allocate their gift. It turns out that most of our early donors opted to leave the distribution up to Tipping Point’s board, and most are also Wisconsin Catholics with a strong preference for local giving. So our board opted to jump right in on respecting that with donations to the c3 arms of Wisconsin’s two notable pro-life state-level nonprofits, and with donations to the two Catholic crisis pregnancy centers located near two of Wisconsin’s three abortion clinics.

This is just the beginning, friends. Onward and upwards! Merry Christmas!