One day in, $3,336 in new money raised for pro-life

One day post-launch, The Tipping Point has four users. That may not seem like many (especially when you consider that I am one of them!) but with an average monthly commitment of $69.50 across four donors, that represents an annual commitment of $3,336 in new money for pro-life.

That’s the power of recurring donations, and that’s the power of community.

When I heard God’s call and decided to commit my life to the pro-life cause, I knew that I didn’t want to form just one more nonprofit clamoring for your ten dollars, as there are already so many worthy pro-life nonprofits. I wished that I could support the whole pro-life movement in one place as part of my tithe: 5% to my parish, 1% to my diocese, 1% to pro-life, etc. I wanted to be able to give to pro-life with the same consistency and careless ease that I pay my cell phone bill, my internet bill, my electric bill, and my gas bill. Then I realized that’s a market opportunity: why not present a solution to the proliferation of pro-life nonprofits by enabling donors to support all of them in one place?

It didn’t exist, so I set out to make it. The Tipping Point does just that: set up one fixed monthly donation for 1% of your income or whatever you can afford. Once you’re signed up you’ll get a survey in your email to guide you through the process of deciding how to allocate your donation among all the worthy recipients.

This website is the culmination of months of work and planning, and I was proud to be able to be the first person to donate to pro-life through The Tipping Point. If you already consistently donate to pro-life, thank you. You might consider moving your giving here so as to cut down on costly direct mail and simplify your bookkeeping. But this is mainly for those of you have only given sporadically or not at all to pro-life over the years: you’re in the same boat I was in. I made this website for people like you and me. If you believe in this vision, your early support will help make it viable well into the future. So please set up your donation today at thetippingpoint.org.

Colin O’Keefe
I’m Going In!