Thanks to Madison Catholic Herald for Flattering Article

The article is not available in the Herald online, so I’ve attached a scan. Thank you to Sue Barry, Mary Uhler, and everyone else involve in helping to promote and spread the message about our mission.

Seeing this in print now reminds me of a news item I saw in December, though I didn’t blog about it at the time—parents of Parkland victims sued deputy Scot Peterson for failing to “go in” to protect their deceased children. Amazingly, Peterson alleges even now that he had no legal duty to confront the shooter. Thankfully a trial judge agreed with the student’s parents and with common sense. Just let us remember that we all have the same duty to defend those who are being legally slaughtered every day. Here’s the news story about the ruling: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/dec/12/scot-peterson-had-duty-protect-parkland-students-j/